Sterling Mortgage Income Fund

Canadian Trust managed by Slate Securities L.P.


Sterling Mortgage Income Fund is an open-ended Canadian Trust which is a feeder fund set up to provide accredited investors with exposure to Sterling Mortgage Income Fund Ltd.(“SMIF”), a Cayman registered fund. SMIF is focused on real estate lending opportunities governed by common law countries in North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Sterling Global Financial (“Sterling”), manager of SMIF, is a global real estate investor and asset manager focused on delivering consistent, risk-managed returns and exceptional service to its investors and partners. Sterling has over US$9 billion in assets under management and administration.




Sterling Mortgage Income Fund – Canadian Trust has the following objectives:

  • Net worth preservation
  • To provide consistent quarterly income
  • Offers quarterly liquidity
  • Aligned interest


Focus on fundamentals

Real estate is all we lend on to borrowers with strong track records.

Disciplined process

Rigorous due diligence and evaluation process and focus on multiple exit strategies.

Seek opportunities 

Service oriented with strong relationships with developers, mortgage brokers and lending partners.

Aligned interest

All fees associated with the origination of loans go into the fund for benefit of investors and management are investors too.

FundServ Codes

Available* via your registered advisor, contact Slate Securities for more info

  • Class C - SLS9000 - Cdn$ Front load (up to 3.5%)
  • Class UC - SLS9100 - US$ Front load (up to 3.5%) 
  • Class F - SLS9200 - Cdn$ Fee based 
  • Class UF - SLS9300 - US$ Fee based 
  • Class A - SLS9600 - Cdn$ Trailer (100 bps) 
  • Class UA - SLS9700 - US$ Trailer (100 bps)

*The Sterling Mortgage Income Fund is available via Offering Memorandum to investors who qualify as “accredited investors”. If you qualify as an accredited investor and are interested in receiving a copy of the offering memorandum please contact your registered investment advisor or contact us at

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