Slate Securities Real Estate Performance Trust

The Slate Securities Real Estate Performance Trust is a value oriented real estate focused fund that provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of real estate businesses by investing in both public and private real estate securities. Leveraging the collective Slate real estate knowledge and deal flow assists the Trust in searching for the best opportunities, whether it’s in the private or public markets.


The Trust has the following objectives:

  • Net worth Preservation
  • To provide strong risk adjusted returns
  • Offers liquidity
  • Total return focused



Real estate is all we invest in.


We leverage the collective Slate knowledge to make better decisions in public and private securities.


Understanding private market and public market valuation is a proven way to make money in real estate securities.


We have access to Slate Asset Management’s private funds.

FundServ codes

Available* via your registered advisor, contact Slate Securities for more info

  • Class A - SLS100
  • Class F - SLS102
  • Class I - SLS104

*The Slate Securities Real Estate Performance Trust is available via Offering Memorandum to investors who qualify as “accredited investors”. If you qualify as an accredited investor and are interested in receiving a copy of the offering memorandum please contact your registered investment advisor or contact us at

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